The ever shining Nida Yasir

The ever smiling NidaYasir is a fresh face we see on TV morning show. She comes across as an extremely talented lady who has achieved great success on every level. This star lady has now embarked on yet another feat of stepping into fashion designing. Her label NYC is already promising success and bears her trademark of elegance.

She talks to Fashion Collection about being a celebrity and her passion to take her brand forward.

Fashion Collection:How does it feel to be a celebrity?

NidaYasir: Being a celebrity has its perks but then there can be setbacks as well. Everyone loves unhindered love, attention and large numbers of adoring fans. Celebrities enjoy all of this at the cost of their privacy and personal space.


FC: Why fashion designing?

NY: I have always been an admirer of the changing faces of fashion in Pakistan. Sadly, the rat race has brought us to the point of “fast fashion”. Clothing lines come up with lots of design every season but compromise the quality of their product. I wanted to change the narrative and bring back sustainable pret that can last you years.


FC: What is the philosophy behind your brand?

NY: I remember wearing my mother’s clothes years after she wore them. It was possibility because of the high quality fabric used back then. My philosophy is to bring back the tradition of high quality designs and fabrics to last a long time.


FC: What would be your favourite fabric to work with?

NY: The first volume “Khaaksaar” has all my favourite fabric. I love the purity and depth of cotton. The way it saturated our customs dyes has made our color palette very hard to find in the market right now. The flow and shine of cotton satin has made our pieces shine out in the crowd. The fluidity of this gives every piece a language of its own. It’s been a pleasure working with all this fabric this season.


FC: Where do you want to take your brand in next 10 years?

NY: I would like NYC to become a household name and not just for peer but also branch out to all different directions. A flagship store is definitely on the horizon but it’s too soon to say anything.


FC: If you were to choose between fashion designing and hosting, what would it be?

NY: I love them both, I do believe though that I was born to host and had a flare of fashion. I have come to a point in my life where I have merged my two strong suits.


FC: How do your balance your personal and professional life?

NY: I am a homemaker primarily and I absolutely enjoy this role which is why I divide my time equally between work and home.


FC: What angers you most?

NY: I usually don’t like to step out of my comfort zone. I am blessed to have a settled way of life and I try to stick to it. I have been known to get upset about mismanagement and chaos.


FC: Describe yourself in three words?

NY: Dedicated, Loyal, temperamental (sometime)


FC: What tips would you give to someone entering showbiz?

NY: Entering showbiz is part of luck, pure talent and lots of hard work. Newcomers need to keep in mind all these things in mind before embarking on this journey.


FC: Name three people you would like to seat at your dinner table?

NY: Yasir Nawaz, Sila (my daughter), Fareed (my son) and Balaaj (my son)