The scrumptious Eid platter

Putting together an Eid trolley to welcome guests on Eid is a polite way to appreciate their presence. This is that special time of the year when rejoicing and celebration is mainly focused on preparing the best food to outdo others. With endless hours spent on preparing the menu and making the best possible dish, Fashion Collection lists down some of the delicacies to try out this Eid.


Keeping traditions alive, a typical dish that every house boasts of is the infamous SheerKhorma. With its rich aroma and sweetness, guests love to devour bowls after bowl of this creamy drink. The variations of Sheerkhorma are stupendous as every household follow their own secret recipe. Served hot or cold, runny or thick, one cannot have enough of this scrumptious dish. Prepared from vermicelli simmered in milk with heavy hints of real desi ghee, no Eid is complete without SheerKhorma. This creamy and milky vermicelli pudding is usually topped with almond or dried fruits and is a popular breakfast and dessert option during Eid.

The quintessential samosas

Distinctive of Eid cuisine are the savoury delights that accompany the sweet dishes. Samoosas are extremely popular with their infinite traditional fillings including meat, cheese, potato, vegetables and not forgetting noodles. The crunchy samoosas are what guests love to devour on Eid. Equally popular are the sweet samosas with fillings of date, vermicelli and shredded coconut. For health conscious guests, prepare baked samosas that are definitely a healthier alternative to the fried versions.


Haleem is a ghee-rich porridge that is made with lentils like gram moong dal and chana dal, wheat, and minced meat. The garnish on haleem plays an important role; the crisp fried onions, ginger slices, green chilli, lemon juice and coriander leaves help deliver the perfect flavour to the dish. The dish is drenched in desi ghee and is served hot with naan. Some people like eating it as is; however, naan helps cut the spice. This dish is cooked for a good eight to 10 hours to make it just perfect for Eid serving.


This pastry is highly popular all over the Middle East and is also gaining traction in Pakistan. Baklava consists of a filo dough, pistachios and lots of honey and syrup. The crunchy pastry can be served in big slices or in bite size chunks and makes for a fantastic souvenir to take to any foodies back home.