The Shining Star – Rabab Hashim


What was your biggest romantic failure?

There is no such thing as a romantic failure I feel. Everything is an experience.


Who is your current celebrity crush?

Chris Hemsworth


Money or fame?



What is your biggest fear?

Failure to live the life I want.


What is your go-to song for a shower?

Anything groovy and fun.


Have you ever felt uncomfortable on set?

Plenty of times. At times you don’t get along well with people and that does get uncomfortable


What word comes in your mind for the following:

Ayesha Omar style icon

Mahira Khan all-rounder,

Fahad Mustafa entertainer

Yasir Hussain blunt and opinionated


If you could make a wish right this second what will it be?

For Covid and lockdowns to end permanently.


One thing you’d like to change in our industry

Punctuality and work ethic


One Pakistani movie character you think you could have pulled it off better

None really. Everybody gives their best and it’s unfair to say I could do it better


What is your TV guilty pleasure?

Greys Anatomy. I used to be hooked to it


Have you ever ditched someone?



Mountains or beaches?




Any Pakistani movie/drama you think is underrated?

Plenty. Good content often does not get enough appreciation. Laal Kabootar was brilliant


Any Pakistani movie/drama you think is overrated?

Again plenty


If asked What suggestions, you’ll give to

Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan, Sheikh Rasheed?

No suggestions. Your country should always come first. Just that.


Name any 3 movies of legendary actor Nadeem Baig?

Aaina, chakori and sargam


All-time favourite Pakistani Band



Which celebrity you think is most misunderstood?

Everybody thinks they are misunderstood. I’m sure it happens to everyone


What’s the first you do after you wake up?

Go to the gym.


What’s the last thing you do before going to bed?

Offer my prayers


Biryani or Nehari



What’s your favourite Netflix Series?

Witcher, I enjoyed last.


What’s the biggest compliment you have received?

That I’m intelligent.


How do you deal with trolls and criticism?