A Passionate Designer - Wajeeha

This young and aspiring designer may have a long way to go, but her passion is evident in the designs she creates. Aiming to reach the heights of success, Wajeeha is already making her mark by creating unique styles which are becoming her signature style.

In an interview with Fashion Collection, she talks about her journey of designing and her aspirations to move forward.

Fashion Collection: How and when did you start your journey of designing?

Wajeeha: Art can be expressed in many ways, but through designing it can change the whole personality, that’s what attracted me and provoked me to dive into the world of fashion and create innovative and creative designs. In 2014, I decided to get a degree in the field of designing and graduated in 2018. While I was studying, I got an opportunity to work with various brands including Chenone and Nishat. I got a lot of encouragement from them as they sent me an appreciation letter. It made my passion grew and I decided to take it seriously.

Fashion Collection: What has been your style statement?

Wajeeha: I would define my style statement as nature. Just like art cannot be defined in a single word, similarly, nature too is limitless and defining it is impossible. Nature plays an important role in fashion industry and its replications are evident in various forms of fashion including haute couture, textiles, prints and jewelry. For the designer the biggest challenge is to amalgamate the element of nature in fashion in an elegant way.

Fashion Collection: What is your opinion about Fashion Weeks?

Wajeeha: Our fashion industry is growing by leaps and bounds and that is evident through many fashion shows that we witness each day. A lot of new designs are seen on the ramp which is really encouraging, however in my opinion; Fashion Weeks should be used to revive our traditional fashions rather than contemporary ones.

Fashion Collection: If you were not a designer, what else would you do?

Wajeeha: Difficult question,

Actually I would be an artist, as I always felt that I am an artist first and a designer later. The art I create on the fabric produces new designs and new style which is a form of art. For me the second best choice would definitely be an artist.

Fashion Collection: How would you describe your signature look?

Wajeeha: My signature look would be quite an interesting look. It would be something close to a girl wearing black dress adorned with diamond jewelry. The look is further enhanced by dark red blond hair having beach waves and high heels. That surely is a good combination to create a stunning look.

Fashion Collection: What are some comfort-zone-friendly ways to rock the latest trends?

Wajeeha: Most of our working women cannot wear high heels during their work day so wearing flat lace up ballet would work best which is comfortable yet stylish. Also wearing heavy makeup the whole day is not a good idea as it tends to create skin issues. A comfortable natural look using just a simple moisturizer, mascara and a lip balm is what I would suggest as totally trendy.

Fashion Collection: What has been the biggest challenge of your career?

Wajeeha: To wear a hijab the whole day as people expect designers to be equally fashionable and not adorn a hijab. I thoroughly enjoyed that experience as it enabled me to observe people and their reactions towards hijab.

Fashion Collection: What according to you has been your biggest achievement till now?

Wajeeha: Even though I have been blessed with quite a lot of achievements, the biggest one was winning the 1st prize in a designing competition. That really made my parents proud and it was one of the biggest achievements for me.

Fashion Collection: Where do you see yourself in five years?