Short Hair Styles To Follow

If you’re looking for 2023’s best ideas for getting a short haircut or styling your short hair, then this is the right moment to do it. Short hair works best for people with fine or thin hair, as it will help boost volume. It can also keep you cooler if you live in a warm climate. However, it can be high-maintenance because of more frequent trims to keep its length.

Here are few ideas to try out.

A Wispy layered Bob-cut

A Wispy layered Bob - cut

If you are looking for a classy modern cut, opt for this wispy layered bob. This mid-length flatters all face and hair types. With plenty of layering textures and front tapered areas, the final look is that of a soft, younger look. The best part of this cut is that you don’t need elaborate styling before heading out. Just scrunch and go.

The Wedge Haircut

The wedge haircut is a voluminous retro-style short layered bob for women with fine & straight hair that became popular in the 1970’s. Olympic Dorothy Hamill really made this look popular. Although short wedge hairstyles are not for everyone, many women will find these haircuts refreshing. Wedges have a wide range of styles – you can go for soft and gentle layers for a feminine aura or a super short and spiky style for a funky vibe.

Textured Pixie

Pixie cuts are chic by nature as it adds a breath of fresh edge. If your pixie has bangs use a medium-sized round brush on top of the bang section to pull the bangs forward as you dry them while rolling the brush back towards your forehead.  This is one of the most easy-to-maintain haircuts with no fuss about too much styling. Whether you’re sporting recently cut locks or are growing out your pixie, you can rock this look both day and night.

Accessorized Wavy Bob

Accessorized Wavy Bob

Jeweled metal hair accessories look especially whimsical on short, curly or wavy hair and would be perfect for a wedding, holiday party, or another formal event. Plus, not only are hair accessories an easy way to dress up your look, but they also serve the practical purpose of masking any uneven cuts. Just slick back your hair and add glittery beads and clips to put a lot of focus there.

Teased Bob

Teased Bob

Here’s a style that works best on second-, third-, or fourth-day hair. Tease the living daylights out of the hair on top of your head and then smooth it back. Because teasing works to add volume, this look works well on thin hair.

Feathered Bob-Cut

Feathers add a lot of volume and dynamics to your hair. A short-layered bob is perfect for bringing a nice texture to your flat and lifeless strands. With small sharp layers, that fall separately on one another, it appears like ruffled feathers. To rock this style, add colour highlights.