Over-Rated Artists

In Pakistan, many celebrities are adored by the public due to their persona and social media existence. But, if we look at their work and some of the popular projects, the lack in their acting skills can be seen visibly and that is why it lands them in the overrated category.

Here, we have picked top actors of the industry who are considered overrated because of their specific style of acting and the selection of familiar roles that are similar to the played ones.


Feroze Khan

In the category of male actors, Feroze Khan is one of those who are considered the much-loved handsome hunk of the industry. Having good looks and an appealing persona is a surplus along with fine acting skills, but specifically, being an actor keeping yourself roaming around in a particular role or character is unjustified. Playing obsessive, aggressive, and toxic roles repeatedly has portrayed Khan as an angry young man and called out for his phony accents. He has also done light-hearted telefilms and plays, but he failed to change public opinions due to his weak performance. Every character and script has its demand, and the actor’s actions must not be the same every time. In this case, whether it is a romantic comic or villain, Feroze Khan performed in the same manner. Keeping the body language and way of dialogue delivery the same all the time has ruined the roles. Feroze Khan needs to work on his acting skills more than his looks and has to be more selective while picking the script.


It has been said, The true success of an actor is that people recognize him from his roles.

There is no doubt that Imran Ashraf is an actor par excellence. His work in the earlier projects has made its way to the big screen. Being an artist, he has a quality to do those characters that most the actors do not want to play or even consider. From playing a positive, and transgender role to the mentally impaired Bhola he proved that he has the potential to do any kind of character. But, a thing that is problematic about Ashraf’s acting is his specific style of dialogue delivery. Mostly, in each of the characters, it has been noticed that no matter what role he is playing, the way he acts, the expressions he gives, and his gestures have remained constant and, it irritates the audience too.

If the actor thinks that his Signature style will always make his serials hit and attracts an audience, he might be wrong. Imran Ashraf has to do more work on himself if he wants to showcase his hard work well on-screen.


The Beauty Queen of Pakistan needs no introduction. Mahira Khan is one of the popular actresses of Pakistan who has not worked too much on the tv screen but has gotten much admiration from the viewers. Khan’s first play Humsafar was immensely appreciated all across the world in which, she has amazed the people with her incredible acting. However, after it, she did several projects but failed to convince the audience with her performance although, they all were mega hits. Mahira has also made an appearance on the big screen with her films but unfortunately, they did not work too well as was expected.

Having a huge fan following on social media could not make one a fine actress, aside from charm and glamor it is the act of an artist that makes a play successful and do justice to the script. When it comes to acting Mahira has no good acting expertise, whether it is a drama or a movie. She has a monotony in her performance. Her same expressions in every project have annoyed the audience that which is why she is listed overrated star.


The renowned face of Pakistan’s entertainment who has done several plays and conquered millions of hearts. Undoubtedly, Hania Amir is the prettiest artist this industry ever had but, beauty is not everything, and enough to justify the roles. Along with appearance that matters for the serials is the impactful performance of the performer. The actors who are considered A-listers are those who have performed competently on screen and got easily connected with the audience. Hania Amir is an overrated artist because of exaggeration. In each play, she acts more than the script demand, and use to talks in high- pitch, and makes weird expressions, by using these kinds of tactics she could not make her acting impressive.


The star is one of those who has established herself as a talented actress in the drama industry. Mawra Hocane has done plenty of projects and due to her quality work, she has been lauded by the audience. Keeping aside her incredible efforts, the lack ness of variety of roles lands her in this class is her choice for the script. In all her plays, she has selected similar characters and limited herself to them. She has had the privilege of always playing the lead roles but failed to think how she could experiment and challenge herself. It doesn’t matter how strong one’s social media game is or how much the fan following is. In the end, what matters is the work.

By: Amber Zaidi