Sadya Saif – Beauty that speaks volumes!

Sadya Saif is a Lahore based stylist who delves into new techniques and styles with ease. Determined and passionate about her work, she treats every customer as a queen. Bridal makeup remains her forte and she prefers to experiment and create the best look for her clients.

Here in an exclusive interview with Fashion Collection, she talks about how she stepped into this profession and remains inspired despite many challenges her way.

Sadya's work

Fashion Collection: How and why did you enter in this field?

Sadya Saif: From childhood I have seen my mother transforming girls into ravishing beauties and this really inspired me to be the part of the most important day of a girl’s life. Initially, I learnt it from her to train the staff and now it has become my passion.  

Fashion Collection: What inspires you the most?

Sadya Saif: The gratifying looks that the bride gives, with the spark in her eyes echoing the words “I look beautiful” inspires me the most.

Fashion Collection: What are the makeup trends prevailing in Pakistan?

Sadya Saif: Due to the social media there is a lot of awareness these days and every bride knows what sort of look she wants for her big day. Girls want to look like themselves in an astonishing beautiful way.

Fashion Collection: What are the beauty regimes you can advise for a busy woman?

Sadya Saif: Cleansing is very important. I know everyone says this but it is. I always tell my clients to keep wipes and a cleanser on their bedside table. It’s the easiest way of cleansing.

Fashion Collection: How do you compete with other famous stylists in Pakistan?

Sadya Saif: Everybody is different and everyone have his/her own style. I follow my own style.

Sadya's Work

Fashion Collection: How has this market of personal grooming evolved in Pakistan?

Sadya Saif: Again due to social media, girls and women are more aware of their personal grooming regime now. Personal grooming is very important and every woman should take care of herself. If your hair or skin looks nice, you feel good and confident. And every woman is beautiful; we just have to take care of it.

Fashion Collection: What do you like and dislike about being a beautician?

Sadya Saif: The most beautiful thing is the smile of the bride, when she walks out of my salon feeling beautiful. It inspires me, it makes me happy about what I do.

Fashion Collection: What attributes or skills are required to become a beautician?

Sadya Saif: In this field learning and evolving is a continuous process and experience makes a lot of difference. There are so many times at night when my husband comes home and I am in full makeup, trying out new products, especially when I get my stock from states. My sisters make fun of me saying “please don’t be up all night doing makeup today”.

Fashion Collection: How do you keep up with the latest styles and trends?

Sadya Saif: Social media has made it very easy now. Just a few years back, it was only pictures of different looks from magazines and I would try to figure them out myself which eye shades have been used or lip colours but now thanks to the Youtube and all the stores and brands like Sephora, Makeup Forever Mac, Dior, they all have videos from which you can learn so much.

Fashion Collection: Who has influenced you most in your career and how?

Sadya Saif: My mother, she has been the pillar in my career. She was one of the pioneers in the field and learnt makeup from London in 1982. I can’t thank her enough for being my mentor, friend and support throughout these years. Thank you and I love you mom.

Fashion Collection: How do you handle an unhappy customer, if any?

Sadya Saif: There is a famous saying, clients are always right but sometimes they aren’t. At times they don’t let me bring out the best in them and that is a pity indeed.

Fashion Collection: What was the most important task you’ve ever had?

Sadya Saif: Every bride is important to me and their makeup is the most important task of all because this day will never come back in their lives and this is a challenge indeed.

Fashion Collection: How do you react under pressure?

Sadya Saif: There are all sorts of challenges when you are working with people; the human factor is the biggest challenge. Organizations are made up of people and the people should be trained well enough to cope with any sort of situations.