Showbiz Ki Khala August-23!

Barbie Fever Catches On

Saboor Aly

Saboor Aly, the popular Pakistani model and actor, has embraced the Barbie trend with her wild and lively persona. Unapologetically bold in her style, she never hides anything and has amassed a large online fan base. Recently, she took on the Barbie trend, following the footsteps of other celebrities. Saboor’s new photos, where she dons a stunning pink dress reminiscent of Barbie, have caused excitement and joy among her devoted followers. Known for her laid-back nonchalance, Saboor continues to inspire her fans with her fashion choices, setting major fashion goals in the process. In other news, the highly anticipated movie Barbie has shattered records, making an impressive $155 million in its first weekend, becoming the biggest opening of 2023.

First Sindhi Language Movie

Filmmaker Aijaz Rahul is working on what he claims to be Pakistan’s first Sindhi language feature film in the past 26 years, titled “Indus Echoes.” The film is scheduled for release later this year. Aijaz serves as the writer, director, and producer of the movie, with executive production support from Shamoon Abbasi, Akhtiar Ali Kalwar, and Vajdaan Shah. The film is a collaborative effort between Pakistani, South Korean, and Ecuadorian production companies and talents. Notable actors in the film include Vajdaan Shah, Ansaar Mahar, and Samina Seher. Currently, the film is in the post-production phase. “Indus Echoes” revolves around the intricate connection between humans and the mighty Indus River, portrayed through five compelling stories set on, across, and around the river. These stories explore the historical significance of the Indus as a life-giving resource for humanity throughout the centuries, while also shedding light on how we treat and interact with it today. The film delves into the complex love-hate relationship we have with the Indus, a river that has been the cradle of life, civilization, and culture for our society.

Anzela Abbasi all set to tie the knot

Anzela Abbasi all set to tie the knot

Anzela Abbasi, the daughter of two renowned celebrities, Shamoon Abbasi and Javeria Abbasi, is a star child, hailing from a family of exceptional talents. With Javeria Abbasi being a sweet and incredibly gifted actress, and Shamoon Abbasi excelling as a successful director, producer, and actor, Anzela is surrounded by a pool of remarkable skills. Anzela ventured into acting with a notable appearance in “Laal Ishq,” the sequel to the classic “Landa Bazar.” Alongside her acting endeavors, she is also known for her beloved fashion statements. Currently, the Abbasi family is rejoicing in this delightful period as Anzela is preparing to tie the knot. The wedding celebrations kicked off with a lovely and colorful Mayun ceremony, attended by stars like Ushna Shah, Hamza Amin, Shahood Alvi and his wife, Madiha Iftikhar, Madiha Rizvi, and many others. At the Mayun, Anzela danced the night away, captivating everyone’s hearts while adorning a stunning white sari adorned with yellow blossoms.

Zindagi Tamasha Released Digitally

After a long wait, Sarmad Khoosat’s much-anticipated film, “Zindagi Tamasha,” is finally set to have its worldwide digital release on August 4th, 2023. Originally scheduled for a 2020 release, the film faced multiple delays due to the pandemic, controversies, and other undisclosed reasons. However, fans can now rejoice as it will be available on Khoosat Film’s official YouTube and Vimeo channels. “Zindagi Tamasha” has already earned significant recognition at international film festivals, including the prestigious Busan Film Festival, where it received critical acclaim for its thought-provoking subject matter. Surprisingly, despite its global recognition, the film has not been screened in its home country, despite being slated for a theatrical release on two occasions.

Famous Five on the Cards

Asim Abbasi has been chosen to direct an episode of the highly anticipated live-action adaptation of “The Famous Five.” This three-episode series will bring to life the thrilling adventures of Enid Blyton’s cherished characters. The cast has already been revealed, and production is currently in progress in the UK, capturing the essence of this beloved literary classic.

New Chairperson for PASC

Mohammed Ali Naqvi, a renowned filmmaker known for his compelling and socially impactful storytelling, has been appointed as the chairperson of the Pakistan Academy Selection Committee (PASC). He will be taking over from the previous chair, director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy. The PASC plays a crucial role in selecting Pakistan’s official entry for the Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film category each year. Naqvi’s exceptional contributions to the film industry were acknowledged when he was inducted into the prestigious Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 2022, highlighting his influential body of work. His latest documentary, “The Accused: Damned Or Devoted,” has also received recognition, as it has been nominated for a Primetime Emmy this year. With Naqvi at the helm of the PASC, there are high expectations for the selection of a deserving film to represent Pakistan on the international stage at the Academy Awards.