Showbiz Ki Khala September-23!

The Demise of Akbar Khan

The Demise of Akbar Khan

The Pakistani entertainment industry has faced a series of unfortunate losses this year, with the passing of several esteemed veteran artists. The void left by their departure is irreplaceable. Among these revered individuals, Akbar Khan, a seasoned actor, has sadly breathed his last recently. Akbar Khan was not limited to proficiency in just one artistic domain; his talents extended across a diverse range of creative pursuits. Alongside his notable achievements as an actor, he delved into various other artistic realms, including painting and sculpting. Beyond his thespian skills, Akbar Khan was also an accomplished painter and possessed a fervent enthusiasm for sculpting. He crafted sculptures with the firm belief that the art of sculpting deserved greater recognition within the nation’s cultural landscape. His illustrious career encompassed participation in numerous impactful projects, such as “Parizaad,” “Ishq Zah e Naseeb,” and “Dil Ruba.” Additionally, he made a memorable guest appearance in the popular show “Bulbulay.”

Mahira’s Take About Empowering Children

Mahira Khan has strongly emphasized the need to empower children rather than merely shielding them from the world. Advocating for a balanced approach that combines quality education with vocational training, the renowned actress from “Raees” underscored the potential advantages in terms of providing respectful job opportunities for the younger generation. She conveyed her perspectives during a seminar hosted by the Sustainable Social Development Organization (SSDO), which centered around the critical topics of child trafficking and labor. Mahira Khan ardently called for robust actions against individuals involved in both child labor and acts of cruelty. She emphasized the enduring importance of media coverage in cases similar to that of Rizwana and Fatima. Her point was that justice should extend beyond merely imprisoning suspects.

Aima Baig Performs at The Asia Cup 2023

At the opening ceremony of the Asia Cup, renowned singers Aima Baig and Trishala Gurung gave a stunning performance. Asia Cup will start from August 30th and will end on September 17th, 2023. The Asia Cup will be held across Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The tournament is divided into two groups. Group A consists of Pakistan, Nepal, and India, while Group B includes Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka. Pakistan will host four matches, and Sri Lanka will host nine, including the championship match. Unlike the previous alternation between T20 and One-Day International formats, the 2023 edition will be played in the 50-over format to aid teams’ preparation for the upcoming World Cup in India.

Great Expectations for Minal Khan

A pleasant surprise unfolded as Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram, following Aiman and Muneeb’s announcement of their second child’s birth, shared the delightful news of expecting their first baby. The young couple joyfully revealed their impending parenthood journey, marking their first venture into parenthood. They took to Instagram, where they unveiled this happy news accompanied by a captivating black and white photograph. Remarkably, this thrilling revelation emerged just a few days after Minal Khan’s twin sister, the renowned actress Aiman Khan, and her spouse, Muneeb Butt, welcomed their second child into the world. The Khan family appears to be steeped in celebratory moments, with these significant milestones occurring in quick succession. Minal Khan stands as a prominent figure in the Pakistani entertainment landscape, boasting a remarkable portfolio. Her contributions to the industry have garnered her a strong reputation. She has left her mark with stellar performances in a series of popular and critically acclaimed drama television shows, including Nand, Jalan, Hasad, and Ishq Hai.

Saba Qamar Honored UAE Golden Visa

Expressing her deep gratitude, the acclaimed actress conveyed her heartfelt thanks to the Gulf state for granting her a prestigious golden visa. Taking to Instagram, she shared her appreciation for the nation’s hospitality, stating that she could never adequately convey her gratitude for “opening your home to me.” Furthermore, Saba Qamar extended her thankfulness to the dedicated consultants who guided her throughout the entire process and offered invaluable assistance.

Bryan William Assaulted

In the Pakistani fashion and beauty industry, model Robina Khan Shah is facing criticism for her alleged involvement in inciting violence against a makeup artist, Bryan William, during a photoshoot at Nabila Salon. Bryan had initially remained silent but has now spoken out, sharing his experience on Instagram. He stated that he was physically assaulted by five armed individuals at work because he refused to carry expensive jewelry for a model during the shoot. This incident has sparked controversy and divided opinions within the industry.

Asim Jofa Celebrates his Birthday

Asim Jofa Celebrates his Birthday

Asim Jofa celebrated his birthday with a grand party recently, which saw the presence of numerous friends and colleagues from both the fashion and entertainment sectors. The theme of the celebration revolved around a combination of black and gold, and notable stars such as Humaima Malick and Iman Aly were among the attendees. Asim Jofa stands out as a designer who has successfully expanded his brand over time, collaborating with numerous celebrities within the industry. Notably, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Asim Jofa stepped forward to contribute to the production of personal protective equipment (PPE) kits in Pakistan. This designer enjoys strong friendships with many celebrities and is genuinely passionate about his craft.

Saba Qamar Status Quo

Saba Qamar relationship

In a recent interview, the renowned Pakistani actress Saba Qamar opened up about her relationship status, confirming that she is no longer single and plans to get married soon. Saba Qamar, a highly acclaimed actress in Pakistan, has a strong fan following due to her exceptional acting skills and versatility in the industry. Fans had been eagerly waiting for her to share details about her personal life, and finally, in a recent interview, she did just that. Saba Qamar had been dropping hints about her upcoming wedding through her social media posts, particularly by sharing images of white flowers accompanied by cards that read “Shano Ki Pari.” However, it was in this latest interview, hosted by Imran Ashraf Awan, that she officially acknowledged her relationship status.