Love is in the air once more! Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, which means it’s time to start planning fresh romantic makeup ideas. There are numerous, lovely make-up options to attempt whether you’re heading out on a date night with your sweetheart, watching a rom-com at home alone, or making it a pals party. You can’t go wrong with any of your looks. Are you ready to start planning your glam? Here are 6 on-trend makeup ideas, ranging from smokey eyes to glossy lips. We’re confident you’ll be head over heels in love with them long after February 14 has passed.

The Makeup No Makeup Look:

If you spend more time on TikTok than you should, you’ll notice that dewy skin has taken center stage. With Valentine’s Day arriving bang in the middle of winter, there’s no better time to employ moisturizing formulations for a dewy makeup look than now. Consider how radiant your skin will appear against a bright backdrop on your date — your skin will thank you!

The Makeup No Makeup Look
Pink Eyes in Pastel Tone:

If there’s one thing we learned about beauty last year, it’s that pastels are back and better than ever. Pink eyeshadow, in particular, will exude a playful yet refined attitude that will not go missing. And if you really want to go all out for Valentine’s Day, this color will get you there.


This Valentine’s Day, we’re all heart-eye emoji over, well, heart-eye makeup. If you ask us, there isn’t a better time to paint your eyes with hearts than now. Make a gorgeous pink makeup look with your choice of colours, then distribute hearts at the corners of your eyes to flow outward.

The Glossy Lips :

Glossy Lips the millennial generation has spoken, and glossy lips are back in style. Whatever the circumstance, a gleaming appearance will never let you down. It’s not only elegant and timeless, but it can also be worn from day to night. With only one stroke of the correct lip gloss, you can enhance your lips’ shape and draw attention to your pout.

The Single Shade:

Take a cue from Hollywood’s A-listers and include monochrome makeup into your routine! By using only one colour for your eyes, face, and lips, you can keep your makeup basic. The end product is always stunning, and it’s a great choice for a quick and simple makeup look.

The Dewy Skin:

If you’ve spent more time than you should browsing through TikTok, you’ll notice that dewy skin has taken center stage. There’s no better time to use moisturizing formulations for a dewy makeup look than now, with Valentine’s Day falling right in the heart of winter. Consider how beautiful your luminous-looking skin will look against a lighted backdrop on your date — your skin will thank you!