Kabab-Ji – The only Lebanese Five Star Restaurant in Karachi

Kabab JI inside view

Kabab-Ji is a Lebanese cuisine located at Mövenpick Hotel Karachi. Since dine-ins are restricted by the government, the restaurant offers takeaway and outdoor dining. If we talk about the indoor restaurants, as soon as you enter the eatery, the view of the fountain and traditional Arabic décor welcomes you, promising a relaxing night (which we hope will open soon again)

The seating arrangement is comfortable and cozy (maintaining all the SOPs). The chairs are comfy and dull red, the table cloth is a perfect blend of red and white, the perfect color balance provides a pleasant view to the eyes.

The live cooking view through a transparent glass adds to the whole dining experience where you can see the kitchen team moving around preparing food.

The menu is extensive with separate sections for each protein and divided into different stages so you get a complete experience of Middle Eastern food.

The eatery is definitely worth a visit if you want to have a calming dinner with your loved ones and want to explore authentic Lebanese flavors in a cozy traditional ambiance.

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