Can Pakistani entertainment industry help shape educational development in Pakistan?

The Pakistani entertainment industry has changed drastically over the years and has changed the lives of the entire nation by spreading awareness through their evergreen soaps. However, the educational sector remains untouched and very little is seen on the educational front.

Many youngsters are seen entering the entertainment industry and sharing their talent with wider audiences. However, none has seen to come up with any creative ideas to help advance the educational sector in Pakistan. We have seen several dramas and morning shows educating us on the societal issues faced by several people in their daily lives but none focusing on education as a whole. There is a sheer lack of educational programmes seen on behalf of the Pakistani entertainment industry which is a matter of concern!

Pakistani students face a range of educational issues as part of their fate since they are born. Most of them are not even aware of the opportunities that can help them build their career. The majority of them belong to a family background with little or no education. However, most of these families do watch Pakistani dramas on daily basis. So why can’t the Pakistani entertainment industry come up with several educational programmes to educate these less deprived citizens?

Moreover, it’s not only about the less deprived people of the country but also for those who are well educated but are unaware of the educational opportunities and possibilities around them. The western entertainment industry has loads of educational programmes for their citizens where they challenge their citizens to think out of the box at every stage of their life. So why can’t the Pakistani entertainment industry come up with such novel ideas?

We can have several programmes to help build our nation educationally such as short series on how to be organised, how to prepare yourself for examinations, how to behave in schools, colleges and universities, how to be self-dependent, how to apply for scholarships, how to plan your future. We can also come up with different exciting episodes building one’s interest in their favourite subjects; such as science experiments. On the other hand, we can too have debate and general knowledge competitions and live shows

where the general public is allowed to share their creative and innovative ideas and share their valuable piece of advice with others. Moreover, we can too run episodes sharing bits and pieces from history, science and technology. We can also arrange fun activities for kids to learn more through our entertainment industry.

This list of such ideas will remain never-ending but someone will have to take the first step. We have multiple talented people but we lack the platform to encourage such talent. Let the Pakistani entertainment industry be the first-ever platform to help shape the educational development in Pakistan at a national level.

Sany Bristani