The Smashing Umer Aalam

From a humble beginning at the theatre to a Carma movie and moving on to be the winner of Tamasha in 2022, Umer Aalam has come a long way.

Today, he has a number of plays, dramas, and movies under his belt including Siachen, Bananistan, Nehar, Pahli si Mohabbat, Darrar, and Carma among others.

Here in this exclusive interview with Fashion Collection, he talks about his journey toward becoming a celebrity.

Actor Umer Aalam

Fashion Collection: How was your journey to becoming a working actor?

Umer Aalam: It all started when we moved to Rawalpindi. I used to look for acting jobs in newspapers and online because I had been acting since school. Luckily I got a break and was called for an audition. I landed a job and started doing theatre. I was around 21 at that time. The initial struggle was tough, but gradually with the grace of the Almighty, things started getting better, and here I am today.

FC: What do you like about acting the most? Theatre or TV? And why?

UA: The art of acting itself provides a chance to get into another person’s shoes and it is definitely a learning experience. I started with theatre, performing in school, university, and then professionally. I always wanted to do TV and films. One of the reasons is that I would like to see my own performances, so I guess I would prefer TV and films more.

FC: How has been your experience doing the ‘Carma’ film?

UA: CARMA, the movie, is a project very close to my heart because it is my first movie in which I played a proper lead character. I have done supporting characters in two films, but this was a film that would always stay close to my heart because the director, writer, and team were fabulous and I enjoyed every bit of the filmmaking process.

Actor Umer Aalam

FC: In your opinion, how important is training in acting?

UA: Any art can be polished. Acting is a continuous learning process. it opens up your horizons as well as your thinking process. T

FC: Who are your biggest influences?

UA: I like Ajay Devgan’s style of acting. Yasir Hussian has also been a great support and has had a great influence in my life as far as showbiz is concerned.

FC: Which role of yours would you classify as the most memorable and why?

UA: Playing Jamal in the movie Carma was a memorable experience because we used to shoot at nights coupled with the fact that it was a big film; the excitement, the hard work and the anticipation cannot be forgotten.

Actor Umer Aalam

FC: What is your dream role that you aspire to do?

UA: I want to play a spy, a hero who have all the shades of acting, comedy, romance and action.

FC: If anything you would be asked to change about your work, what would be that one thing?

UA: Non professionalism, something that is not welcomed by any.

FC: What is the future of reality shows in Pakistan?

UA: Future of reality shows is quite bright as viewers want to see something that they can relate to. Viewers enjoy finding more about a celebrity, hence this concept of reality shows will grow in our country.

FC: What would you classify as your biggest achievement in the world of showbiz?

UA: Being the winner of Tamasha as most importantly, my mother was there to watch me winning. It felt like a dream and I felt like a king!

Actor Umer Aalam

FC: The entertainment industry is said to be full of stress and pressure; what do you do to tackle the pressure that comes with your work?

UA: I haven’t felt any pressure yet, i am enjoying the work. If there is any stress about a particular project, I put matters in Allah’s hands.

FC: Is life always better than a nice movie?

UA: Always, a good movie is something which is made by a great director. Our life has the best of the best director in the shape of the Almighty.

FC: Are there things you want to do other than acting?

UA: I would like to do hosting as well because i am modeling and enjoying it too. I do write sometimes as I find it fun, but acting will always remain a top priority for me.

Actor Umer Aalam

FC: Any advice you would like to give to the young people who are just starting their careers in showbiz?

UA: Pursue acting if you are really passionate about it as it demands patience, hard work, and determination. The quality of observation and gaining knowledge is the key to success.

FC: In your opinion, how difficult it is to establish yourself in the film industry?

UA: It is really difficult as it is in any other industry. You only have to do hard work and pray for success, a chance does follow.

FC: Describe yourself in three words.

UA: Empathetic, fun, consistent.

Actor Umer Aalam